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Levanto – a global producer in custom fabrication of diamond tools

As one of the largest fabrication shops in Scandinavia, we develop industry-leading solutions for the stone, concrete, glass and mining sector.

Choose us for:
✓ Our high tolerance work that is customized, detailed and quality driven
✓ Our professional team that is highly trained with diverse skills
✓ Our innovative machine equipment that accommodates designs and requirements


Levanto develops state of the art matrix bonds that cut faster and last longer than the competition. Mining professionals around the world trust Levanto to provide them with the best drilling solutions to get the job done.


Levanto Core Saw blades are designed to cut soft, medium and hard core offering the optimum meterage of cuts per blade. Locally manufactured, our mechanically balanced Core Saw blades assist in maintaining straight edge cutting whilst minimizing off center deviation and increasing speed of cut.

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Our dedicated team of specially trained engineers with over 50 years combined experience will design and manufacture custom solutions to your company’s requirements.

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