R&D and Production

Levanto, our quality is official

Levanto has quality engraved in its DNA. It is a quality firstly made up of strong specialization and expertise. It consists of continual controls and tests at any step of the production cycle, to keep defects to a minimum, ensure a long life to bits, blades and other tools, and guarantee a fair price-performance ratio. Our quality also consists of care for the working environment and respect for our planet.

This quality is recognized above all by you, our customers, and by our partners. It is also certified by the most authoritative international organizations.

Continuous research

Continuous research and technological innovation, respect for the environment, custom-made solutions that can always be adapted to existing equipment without additional costs, the experience of our staff and the high quality of a product that is proud to be Made in Finland: these are the core values that make Levanto one of the leading international players in the sector.

Our company is dedicated to research. Our chemical-physical laboratory and our mechanical design departments develop new ideas for products, processes and manufacturing technologies. The ever-innovating technological content of our tools enables us to maintain our status as market leader in all our company activities.


All mechanical design is developed in-house in order to ensure a total technological control. A team of engineers and specialized technicians ensures ongoing product development. Tool design is developed utilizing the modern CAD-CAE technology to ensure fast results. And it is in this department that innovative ideas take on form to be then transformed into tools.

Our products are mostly manufactured in-house utilizing advanced computerized systems. In our production department’s we have modern automatic machine and advanced manufacturing processes permitting us to achieve very high-standards of quality and at the same time reduce production times trying to achieve the cost savings required by the market. Excellent craftsmanship, regular quality controls on goods in entry and rigid final testing all ensure the renowned performance and reliability of Levanto tools.