Diamond core drilling

Core drilling using diamond tools began with Levanto as early as the mid-19th century. Levanto Oy manufactured its first diamond core drills in 1937 and is today the oldest functioning Company producing diamond core drills. Today, Levanto manufactures its bits, as one of the very few in the world, using a state-of-the-art segment method.

Diamond core drilling revolutionized the mining industry when this technique was invented. Before core drilling, the bedrock could be investigated only on the surface or by excavation. With the help of core drilling, companies were able to drill into the bedrock and extract a core sample and analyze it. Core drilling works by having a hollow drill that produces a cylinder-shaped core sample that can be taken out of the ground using a core catcher.

Diamond core drilling is today the most reliable method in examining the composition and structure of the soil. When prospecting minerals and examining the structure of the rock, core drilling is used. In core drilling, you get a cylinder-shaped sample out of the ground that you can analyze. Both the chemical composition and the physiological structure van be studied.

Levanto’s segmented structure has revolutionized the diamond core drilling industry. The new technique gives more opportunities, than traditional crowns, to tailor produce bits meeting customers’ challenging needs. The tailor-made crown ensures a good productivity – fast penetration rate and long life of the crown.

Levanto was one of the first in diamond core drilling and is still one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.